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NDdP: stage versions

Some opera and ballet information!
Earlier this year, there was a very odd production in Dresden of Schmidt's Notre Dame, updated to 1930s US, with a Jean Harlow/Roxie Hart-esque Esméralda and Qusimodo looking like an elderly caretaker…
Here's an English-language review and the opera house's own page on it.
There's a trailer for it here.
On the plus side, Claude is (correctly) in his 30s and (as the book demands!) gets his kit off for some self-mortification. ;-D
This is a strange opera in any case: the libretto has Pierre stab Phœbus, then commit suicide by jumping from the window into the river.

In the 1950s, the 19C ballet La Esméralda was given a makeover, with additional music and more book-plot. This variant (which is sometimes called Gudule's Daughter, as it reinstates the Pâquette subplot) has been revived in Moscow at the Stanislavskii Music Theatre.
There's also a Royal Swedish Opera Ballet, Ringaren i Notre-Dame, from which pictures may be seen here.

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