Allie (cosmicautumn) wrote in prouvaire,

my life is enriched

Here's a useless factoid from a rambling story about plants, that claims that the word "coleslaw" originated with Hugo:

"Have you given any thought to who Mr. Cole was and why he should be honored by having chopped up vegetables named after him? Well, this question is a red herring. The mixture of cabbage, vinegar, salt and pepper was not named after anyone. The word “cole" is derived from the Saxon word “cawel," which came from an earlier Latin word meaning kale, or cabbage. According to the OED, coleslaw (spelled “coleslaugh") was first used in print in 1862 by Victor Hugo in “Les Miserables." (Incidentally, since “slaugh" or “slaw" means a salad made from sliced cabbage, “coleslaw" is redundant.)"

I can't find anything to verify this. Anyone?
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