Ten little bullets in my hand (10littlebullets) wrote in prouvaire,
Ten little bullets in my hand

So I am in Paris again, for two whole weeks at that, and I have a camera with a gigantic memory card. And you know what that means.

Pictures of most locations that could conceivably be related to Les Mis are already up at Chanvrerie.net, but I intend to make some additions and corrections this year, and this year I also have time to take requests. It can be anything within reason--the Rue de Villette or the street sign of the Rue du Bac, for the musically inclined, or the church of Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas, or the Tour Montparnasse, or whatever you want.

By "within reason," I mean reachable by the Paris Métro or in Montfermeil, not illegal or expensive to photograph, not something I already have photos of, and not impossible to find. The last one really, really depends on location--I could probably find where the Thénardiers' inn was, but not the Convent of the Petit-Picpus. If you're not sure, just ask and I'll tell you if it's not workable.

Related requests are okay too. For example, last year I visited Victor Hugo's tomb in the Panthéon, the museum they made out of his apartments, some museums relating to the original French Revolution, and Saint-Merry, where the real-life barricade of 1832 was built. So if you've got, like, a Vidocq pilgrimage site or something, just let me know. ;)

...and no, I am not going to Digne or Montreuil-sur-Mer this year, so don't even ask. XD

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